Where should I go?

Or, what should I choose? I mean, I could write down 3 adventures I’d like to join and after I have clicked the “publish” button, I’ll remember something else “crapp, why didn’t I write about that?” There are so many choices, so many places to intrude. It’s a subject that could use a long-hard thinking process.

But, I’ll try to search the bookshelves of my brain and remember some of the incredible movies I’ve seen and some of the awesome books I’ve read.

1) First one is no brainer. I’d like to be a fairytale character in “Once upon a Time”. I’ve always and I mean ALWAYS been a fan of fairytales. My favorite is “The Mermaid”. It would be so incredible to be someone kids all over the WORLD admire. To be, for example, Belle from “The Beauty and the Beast”- to be smart and have courage. To have the skill to look away from the appearance and see what other people have inside- what are they like, if I look in to their hearts. Or if I’d be Fairy- small, fast and optimistic. Where ever there’s a problem I could solve it with a spoonfull of fairydust. AND HOW AMAZING would it be, to live somewhere where my neighbour would be Captain Hook or Snow White.

2) Second one is a bit more difficult. Wait, actually it’s not. I want to be one of the Friends. I’ve always wanted a group of friends I can rely on. What comes to friends, I don’t have much and the ones I have- are sooo often super busy. I want to know, how would it feel to be a part of a group that cool and tight. To eat sammies with Joey, discuss about dinosaurs with Ross, to cook with Monica, make silly music with Phoebe, go shopping with Rachel and make sarcastic jokes with Chandler. 

3) Third one IS difficult. Really-really difficult. I’m a fan of superhero movies. So I think, possibly, the third one would be a superhero movie. I’d like to be there when Peter Parker gets bitten by the spider. Or witness how Tony Stark starts with his Ironman “project”. I want to meet Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. I can’t choose! I really can’t. Can I pick them all?


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